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Peninsula State Park

The immensely popular Peninsula State Park, located atop of a Niagara Escarpment Bluff, is visited by over one ...
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Fish Creek Public Beach

Fish Creek Public Beach, within easy walking distance of downtown, is a summer favorite. It has sand and ...
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Sunset Beach Park

Sunset Beach Park is a superb spot for viewing postcard-worthy sunsets over Green Bay. Explore one of the ...
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Fish Creek Park

Fish Creek Park is a 27-acre, wooded area with the actual Fish Creek, meandering through it. The marked ...
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Clark Park

Clark Park is a charming park adjacent to Fish Creek Town Dock. Take a leisurely stroll along the ...
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Peninsula State Park – Eagle Lighthouse

Built in 1868, Eagle Lighthouse guided ships traveling through Strawberry Channel as they journeyed to Fish Creek Harbor. ...
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Peninsula State Park – Nicolet Beach

Nicolet Beach is a sand beach perfect for relaxing and enjoying the water views. Want more activity? Look ...
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Peninsula State Park – Sven’s Bluff Overlook

Sven’s Bluff Overlook, situated atop of a Niagara Escarpment Bluff, offers extraordinary views of Green Bay and its ...
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Peninsula State Park – Hiking & Biking

Peninsula’s natural wonders can be explored using its extensive trail system. The popular Skyline hiking trail goes past ...
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Peninsula State Park – Scenic Eagle Tower

The newly reconstructed 60-foot-high Eagle Tower is a “must see”. Its observation deck is 253 feet above Green ...
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